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Cameraman and gaffer in Stockholm


In order for us to be able to offer you our services/products, we need to handle certain personal data/data about you.

We want you to read and understand this data protection policy before using or ordering any of our services.
If you have questions, you can always contact us at: jacob.bjelfvenstam@gmail.com

The data protection policy covers all data we collect from e.g. our website, email, contact by phone, social media and at events/fairs.

What information do we collect?

Of course, we do not collect more information than we need. It may happen that we combine personal data collected from, for example, a website with personal data collected in another way. Of course, we do not sell further information to third parties.

Information you provide us with

Both directly and indirectly, you may provide us with information about you or your company. When you e.g. order our services/products or contact us via form/email from our website. The data collected from you will primarily be used within our own organization. But in some cases can also be handled by subcontractors/collaboration partners. In those cases, we will inform you.

This information may include:

  • Personal and contact information – name, phone number, email address, address information, your professional role, your workplace.
  • Payment information – billing address, reference person, other billing information.
  • Geographic Information – Your geographic location.
  • Device information – e.g. IP address, browser settings, language settings, time zone, operating system, screen resolution and platform.
  • Information about goods/services – details about the goods/services you have purchased.

In some cases, we handle personal data in the form of images, videos or audio recordings where you can be identified. This is so that we can perform our services, because it is in our interest or because you have given us your consent.

Social security numbers are only processed in exceptional cases for certain services that require certified identity.

The information we collect is necessary to enter into an agreement, issue a quotation or the like.

What do we do with information?

The data we collect is used to provide, perform & improve our services & products.

Where do we process your personal data?

We want you to feel safe, and thus we always aim for your personal data to be stored within Sweden/EU/EEA. There are rare situations where they can be handled by a third party (e.g. by a technology supplier/add-ons on the website) But of course we try to handle this in the same security level as within the EU/ESS.

How long do we store your personal data?

We use the information that has been saved as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the information was collected, or to carry out our commitments and as long as it is required according to various laws, e.g. the Accounting Act

Your rights

You who are a customer/registered with us for any reason have several rights that you should be aware of.

  • You have the right to request a record of the information we have saved about you/your company.
  • You have the right to have your information amended if it is incorrect, misleading or incomplete in any way.
  • You have the right to restrict personal data as long as it does not conflict with other laws. For example, that we do not use your data for advertising.
  • You have the right to be forgotten. Unless it conflicts with other laws.
  • Right to lodge a complaint, withdraw consent.

Amendment of the data protection policy

We may change the data protection policy. If we do this, we will announce this on our website and what changes have been made. We updated our policy on 2022-08-03

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